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The Bad Yak
Noel Jones owns The Bad Yak, a 1988 Yak 52. Noel uses his aircraft to compete in local and regional aerobatic competitions.

The Bad Yak after N.W. Air Repair installed the new spinner

Noel upside down

Heath Racer
1932 Heath Racer, Restored by Norm Rosenau and owned by Tim Lunceford, undergoes final magneto adjustments at N.W. Air Repair, in preparation for its first flight since 1936.

Graham's Pacer
Owner of N.W. Air Repair Graham Goad flies this 1950 Piper PA-20 (Pacer) seen here at the Flying M Ranch

Adam's Gyroplane
Adam Goad (brother of Graham) built and flies this modified Benson B8M gyroplane. Graham has since taught Adam how to fly real airplanes, Adam is now learning aerobatics in a Citabria and also flies with Noel in the Yak. Adam is a helicopter pilot with commercial and flight instructor ratings.

Adam flies at El Mirage Lake at sunrise

Bob Harris's Aircraft
Bob Harris's Wolf Pitts

Bob's Extra 300

Bob competes in local and regional aerobatic competitions with this plane.


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